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Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney
William C. "Bubba" Head

Atlanta Municipal Court DUI Arraignment

William C. (Bubba) Head is a well-established criminal defense lawyer. During his nearly four decades of litigating cases, Mr. Head has authored several books and articles on the topic of criminal trial practice, spoken at hundreds of litigation seminars, and been named to the most prestigious attorney rating reviews at the highest possible level. Indeed, his expertise on the topic is so extensive that other Georgia attorneys often turn to him for assistance on how to handle difficult cases, especially cases involving alcohol or drugs. While DUI cases are America's most commonly litigated criminal cases, Mr. Head has litigated murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, domestic violence, and many other criminal cases.

In 2003, Mr. Head was named by the members of NCDD.com, “The Nation's Leading DUI Defense Attorney.” Bubba Head is regularly seen on the nightly news and has defended dozens of high profile criminal cases for entertainers, government officials, celebrities, and sports figures.

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About Lawyer William C. "Bubba" Head

Mr. Head attended The University of Georgia beginning in 1969. He graduated in 1973 with honors as a history major. Three years later, he earned his law degree in 1976. That same year, he applied and was admitted to the Georgia Bar Association. Mr. Head became eligible to practice law in South Carolina in 1990 after he was admitted to the South Carolina State Bar, but has not remained active in SC.

Mr. Head is an active member of several highly-regarded legal organizations including: the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, The American Trial Lawyers Association, the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers, and the AAJ (American Association for Justice). Several local Metro Atlanta county bar associations.

In 1995, Mr. Head organized and was one of the founding Regents of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD.com), the preeminent training association for DUI attorneys throughout the nation. Since its creation in 1995, he has served as the Regent of the College on two separate occasions. He is also Board Certified in the field of DUI defense by NCDD.com.

In 2014, Mr. Head became a Charter Member of DUIDLA, a national DUI defense attorneys organization that promotes training both criminal defense attorneys and DUI-DWI public defenders. He serves on the non-profit Board of DUIDLA to help oversee this training.

Other DUI Books

In 2003, Mr. Head was named the “National DUI Lawyer of the Year” by a vote of the members of National College for DUI Defense. He has also been named to several highly-regarded lists, including: Best Lawyers in America, SuperLawyers, Martindale-Hubbell (AV-Preeminent).

Mr. Head has written numerous books on the topic of DUI law, and has contributed to several others. He is the co-author of The Georgia DUI Defense Trial Practice Manual, 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction, and author of The DUI Book, which was written for the average citizen who has been accused of driving under the influence. The DUI Book has proven so popular that Mr. Head has been asked to co-author state-specific editions with other attorneys, and has helped edit and write books in NY, CA, FL, MI, TN, NJ, VA, and WA.

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In 2012, Best Lawyers in America published a profile of Mr. Head and named him Georgia's DUI Lawyer of the Year.

Mr. Head is known nationwide for furthering the education of other DUI defense attorneys. In 1995, he organized an intense criminal trial practice training session at Harvard Law for new attorneys. In 1997, Mr. Head created a “DUI Boot Camp” for Georgia public defenders, through the GACDL (the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys).

In order to be a successful DUI lawyer, it is important to know the ins and outs of breath testing and field sobriety tests. Mr. Head is not only certified to operate the Intoxilyzer 5000, but he also owns his own machine.

Mr. Head sponsored two week-long training courses on the Intoxilyzer 5000 in Atlanta. The first was in 1996 and the second was in 2004. During the courses, breath test experts held sessions on the issues and known limitations and weaknesses of the Intoxilyzer breath testing device. This course spawned other similar training courses across the USA, in Mississippi, South Carolina and in other states and on other breathalyzer test devices.

Mr. Head has also organized numerous NHTSA Field Sobriety Test training courses. The instruction taught in these courses is the same as what law enforcement agents learn during basic training. The first of these was held in Atlanta in July of 1994.

Atlanta Magazine wrote a cover story on Mr. Head in their March 2001 edition. He was named “Atlanta’s Best DUI Lawyer” after the magazine conducted a survey of his peers.

For nearly 20 years, Mr. Head's law firm has been rated as having the highest ethical standards and highest skill level by Martindale-Hubbell. The law firm has also been named to Martindale-Hubbell’s “Bar Registry of Pre-Eminent Attorneys” for over 18 years.

Mr. Head gives back to the community by volunteering with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children’s Cancer Unit. Mr. Head was also on the initial Board of Directors for the Georgia Innocence Project, and still sponsors the charity's web site.

If you have recently been charged ANYWHERE IN GEORGIA with a criminal offense, including drunk driving, contact Mr. Head today for a FREE consultation and quality legal representation by Mr. Head and his firm's attorneys.

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